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About SACHi

A philanthropic organization that works across India, SACHi focusses on quality healthcare for children, and is one of the pillars of the Apollo Foundation. The paediatricians at Apollo Hospitals across the country are volunteering their time and expertise to help parents and children under 16 gain free access to doctor consultations.

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Our Initiative

What We Do

We ensure that quality healthcare reaches every child in the safety of their homes

How We Do It

The Apollo 24|7 app connects paediatric specialists with the child and their family

Who We Collaborate With

We have paediatricians from Apollo Hospitals across India, who are also available for an in-person follow-up

We thank
Ms. Shriya Saran

for donating 5 heart surgeries
for children in need.

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We thank
Ms. Aditi Mammen Gupta

for donating 1 heart surgeries
for children in need.

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Your contribution can help a great deal in treating children who need medical attention and bringing back happiness to their families.